Val's Plumbing & Heating, Inc. has provided its services throughout the central valley for many years. Below is a listing of some of the more current jobs.

**Any jobs underlined can be clicked to view pictures**

Chartwell School Seaside CA
Dr. Ramirez Office Salinas CA
Central Coast Cardiology Monterey CA
Co-Gen Added Support Salinas CA
Gilroy Elem School Gilroy CA
Harden Foundation Salinas CA
King City Middle School King City CA
Hahn Winery Soledad CA
Marina Transit Exchange Marina CA
MPAD Terminal Monterey CA
Gilroy High School HVAC Gilroy CA
Lavorato @ Darling Office Salinas CA
Quail Medows Residence Carmel CA
Del Monte Restrooms Monterey CA
King City Pump Station King City CA
Scheid Exterior Storage Greenfield CA
[rokbox size=”561 350″ album=”album” title=”Scheid Vineyards” text=”Scheid Vineyards”]/wp-content/images/scheid/Scheid1.jpg[/rokbox] Greenfield CA
SVMH Shell Building Salinas CA
SVMH Rotary UPS Salinas CA
MTRY. Co. Probation Salinas CA
Glashaus Lofts Emeryville CA
CDC Kitchen Bldg. 439 Monterey CA
Boekenoogen Soledad CA
D'Arrigo Salinas CA
D'Arrigo Offices Salinas CA
Mission Linen Salinas CA
Herman Halt-Water Line Monterey CA
SVMH Computer Room A/C Salinas CA
Oak Avenue School Greenfield CA
Forest Hill Manor Pacific Grove CA