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    Your drains can be slow from many things. Most commonly are hair, soap buildup, waste and roots. If you have hair in your lines it’s almost always in the p-trap under the sink. To fix this you should remove the trap, empty it out and then put it back in place. Soap buildup requires a little more power, you should use a mild acidic drain opener. For waste you’ll need to use a snake. Normally a small snake should be good enough. If you need a larger snake you’ll probably have to call a plumber. If you have roots in your lines then you should replace that section of pipe. When roots get in a line it normally can’t be cleared with a snake because the snake may get caught or break of the roots and destroy the pipe. Older homes with clay pipe have this problem more often than newer homes with plastic ABS pipe. For more information please contact your local plumber, our retail department.

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