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    Hot water is stored in your hot water heater and is always waiting for someone to open a line to let the water flow through. If the hot water has not been turned on to the faucet your going to use in a while, then the line between your hot water heater and your faucet is going to have cold water. Before you can get hot water you must remove the cold water first. That is why we get cold water before we get hot water. Now if we were to put in a recirculating pump then the water all throughout your pipes will get recirculated. This should keep the water constantly hot in your lines. Normally a recirc pump will only be on in morning and afternoon hours when hot water is used most. It is placed on a timer to do so. Another way to get hot water instantly is to install a point of use water heater, which is designed to give hot water to a specific location only. Now I have to tell you that unless your house is in the new construction phase then a recirculating pump can not be installed. A recirculating pump does need a recirculating line to complete a loop for water to flow. A house that is not plumbed for a recirculating pump will not have a loop and a pump would do no good. If you have any more questions please e-mail our retail department.

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