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Justice for Flint: Stevie Wonder and Janelle Monae perform for city water systems water filtration system The case follows a flood of lawsuits that have been filed in recent weeks against key state officials and also the private contractors hired to get ready the Flint water treatment plant for full-time operation. The lawsuits might generate immeasureable dollars of damages. ,’Toilets’ shouldn鈥檛 be a dirty word
Oasys Water, for instance, hopes one day to use its forward-osmosis system to desalinate seawater using less energy. Other companies expect to modify existing wastewater treatment technologies to wash fracking water. For example, Cambrian Innovation has developed a system that utilizes microbes to remove organic matter from wastewater, though the company is aiming to apply it for the oil and gas industry, says CEO Matthew Silver. ,pure water shower filter