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For Delta shower and lavatory valves, this is how to fix them; First you want to remove the handle, the screw is located underneath the button on the handle. After the handle has been taken off there should be a little piece of metal sticking out from a metal housing. You then need to remove the metal housing. It should have a place to grip on to. After the metal housing is off you should be able to see a metal or plastic ball. Remove this ball and under it should be two little washers and springs underneath them. You will need to replace the little washers and springs and possibly need to replace the sink ball. When putting this assembly back together be sure to follow these instructions: Make sure when putting the ball back in place to align the grove in the ball with the brass pin in the valve body. Also make sure to align the tab on the plastic piece that goes over the ball with the grove in the brass body. Then place the metal cap back on the valve.

Thanks for sharing it i was looking for repair of my faucet ad here i got it. thanks again……